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India's most competitive states

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A state would need to improve all these factors to increase its competitiveness, states the report. These four pillars are interlinked with one another and are instrumental in determining the overall competitiveness of any economy.

The fifth edition of the India State Competitiveness Report 2013 is based on the Microeconomic Diamond Model by management guru, Michael E. Porter.

State Competitiveness is the ability of a sub national region to compete with other regions in a country based on created prosperity in contrast to the inherited prosperity, states the report.

Uttar Pradesh is No.1 among the top factor driven economies, followed by Bihar and Nagaland.

Rajasthan tops among the evolving states, followed by Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Jharkhand, Jammu and Kashmir, Assam and Manipur.

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Delhi continues to show strengths in factor conditions such as physical infrastructure, communication facilities, administrative environment, financial infrastructure and scope for innovation.

It also continues to lead in related and supporting industry pillars and factors like supplier sophistication and institutional support that provides a positive environment for businesses to prosper.

Key service industries include information technology, telecommunications, hotels, banking, media and tourism. Delhi's manufacturing industry has also seen steady growth.

Construction, Suede Dandy power, telecommunications, health and community services, and real estate form integral parts of Delhi's economy.

Factor conditions: Factors of production Black Leather Candy

Firm strategy and rivalry: The market is a deciding factor in Blue Leather Big Kiss the success or failure of a product.

Supporting and related industries: Presence of Black Leather Candy clusters rather than isolated firms helps the economy

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GDP per Capita: $1,901

A tourist hotspot, Goa has a stable agriculture sector as well. Rice is the main agricultural crop. Fishing industry is another big employment generator.

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