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Getting aid to Haiti earthquake victims

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It takes 18 hours to travel the 160 miles from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic to Port au Prince. The route is very congested with people Buy 2015 Graduation Dresses Online trying to leave Haiti and relief supplies trying to get into the country. Bottlenecks due to relief traffic have been causing delays of up to an hour at the border crossing point and disorganised relief

efforts were further hampering operations. A field office has been set up at Jimani for the transfer of supplies into Haiti. A fleet of 30 long haul trucks was secured in Santo Domingo on Monday 18 January. Distribution points are being set up within Haiti to ensure aid reaches all the outlying population centres.

Port au Prince harbour was badly damaged in the quake and it may be many months before it's fully operational again. US divers have been surveying the harbour and and will begin a salvage operation to remove underwater debris. The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson will serve as a "floating airport" for relief operations with 19 helicopters on board.

Other US ships have been deployed carrying medical staff and equipment, as well as troops and relief supplies. Other supplies may be Cheap Graduation Dresses diverted to ports further north, such as Cap Haitien, Saint Marc and Gonaives.

The World Food Programme (WFP) reports that water tanks are being set up across Port au Prince, with a further 120,000 bottles of water supplied to the city's main hospital. Black Evening Gowns On Sale

High energy biscuits, seen as the most effective way Buy Formal Dresses Online to feed people with no access to cooking facilities, have also arrived in Port au Prince.

Ready to eat meals (MREs), similar to those supplied to the US Cheap Evening Dresses military, are being dropped in the region by the WFP.

The packs contain main meals such as beef stew, chicken noodles or spaghetti, along with crackers, spread, biscuits, condiments and saline water. Each pack contains about 1,200 calories.

As the name suggests, they are ready to eat but they can also be heated up by submerging in boiling water or using the flameless heater provided in the pack, which works by using a chemical reaction to create heat.

The WFP hopes to have sent 10 million food packs to Haiti by 25 January. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read more.

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