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India's most competitive states

A state would need to improve all these factors to increase its competitiveness, states the report. These four pillars are interlinked with one another and are instrumental in determining the overall competitiveness of any economy.

The fifth edition of the India State Competitiveness Report 2013 is based on the Microeconomic Diamond Model by management guru, Michael E. Porter.

State Competitiveness is the ability of a sub national region to compete with other regions in a country based on created prosperity in contrast to the inherited prosperity, states the report.

Uttar Pradesh is No.1 among the top factor driven economies, followed by Bihar and Nagaland.

Rajasthan tops among the evolving states, followed by Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Jharkhand, Jammu and Kashmir, Assam and Manipur.

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Delhi continues to show strengths in factor conditions such as physical infrastructure, communication facilities, administrative environment, financial infrastructure and scope for innovation.

It also continues to lead in related and supporting industry pillars and factors like supplier sophistication and institutional support that provides a positive environment for businesses to prosper.

Key service industries include information technology, telecommunications, hotels, banking, media and tourism. Delhi's manufacturing industry has also seen steady growth.

Construction, Suede Dandy power, telecommunications, health and community services, and real estate form integral parts of Delhi's economy.

Factor conditions: Factors of production Black Leather Candy

Firm strategy and rivalry: The market is a deciding factor in Blue Leather Big Kiss the success or failure of a product.

Supporting and related industries: Presence of Black Leather Candy clusters rather than isolated firms helps the economy

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GDP per Capita: $1,901

A tourist hotspot, Goa has a stable agriculture sector as well. Rice is the main agricultural crop. Fishing industry is another big employment generator.

Edmonton mass murder leaves 9 dead

Edmonton's police chief says the mass Cheap Cocktail Dresses murder of eight people was planned and deliberate, describing it Tuesday as an "extreme case of domestic violence."

Chief Rod Knecht has yet to identify the shooter in the killings, who was found dead from an apparent suicide, but said he had Cheap Homecoming Dresses Sale a criminal record stretching back to 1987.

Seven of the victims were found in the same house, including two children Buy Girls Party Dresses Online under the age of 10. Knecht described the scene as "horrific" and said he had "never seen anything like it" in 39 years of policing.

The shooter used a 9mm handgun. in 1997, but had been reported stolen in Surrey in 2006. MT on Monday in the Edmonton's south Shop Cocktail Dresses 2015 Online end, where the body of one middle aged female was found. She has been identified as 37 year old Cindy Duong.

"Police arrived Cheap Party Dresses at the north end residence, and the male was not located, and there was no response," Knecht said. "Nothing suspicious was noted at the residence."

Getting aid to Haiti earthquake victims

It takes 18 hours to travel the 160 miles from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic to Port au Prince. The route is very congested with people Buy 2015 Graduation Dresses Online trying to leave Haiti and relief supplies trying to get into the country. Bottlenecks due to relief traffic have been causing delays of up to an hour at the border crossing point and disorganised relief

efforts were further hampering operations. A field office has been set up at Jimani for the transfer of supplies into Haiti. A fleet of 30 long haul trucks was secured in Santo Domingo on Monday 18 January. Distribution points are being set up within Haiti to ensure aid reaches all the outlying population centres.

Port au Prince harbour was badly damaged in the quake and it may be many months before it's fully operational again. US divers have been surveying the harbour and and will begin a salvage operation to remove underwater debris. The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson will serve as a "floating airport" for relief operations with 19 helicopters on board.

Other US ships have been deployed carrying medical staff and equipment, as well as troops and relief supplies. Other supplies may be Cheap Graduation Dresses diverted to ports further north, such as Cap Haitien, Saint Marc and Gonaives.

The World Food Programme (WFP) reports that water tanks are being set up across Port au Prince, with a further 120,000 bottles of water supplied to the city's main hospital. Black Evening Gowns On Sale

High energy biscuits, seen as the most effective way Buy Formal Dresses Online to feed people with no access to cooking facilities, have also arrived in Port au Prince.

Ready to eat meals (MREs), similar to those supplied to the US Cheap Evening Dresses military, are being dropped in the region by the WFP.

The packs contain main meals such as beef stew, chicken noodles or spaghetti, along with crackers, spread, biscuits, condiments and saline water. Each pack contains about 1,200 calories.

As the name suggests, they are ready to eat but they can also be heated up by submerging in boiling water or using the flameless heater provided in the pack, which works by using a chemical reaction to create heat.

The WFP hopes to have sent 10 million food packs to Haiti by 25 January. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read more.

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Family of missing infant reacts to his abduction

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) It been a painful two day span for Cheap Jerseys an Indianapolis mother and father, as police and family search for the suspects who abducted their 6 week old child.

It happened Wednesday around noon near Harding and Henry Streets. The father, Willie Wilson, told police he was walking with his son, Delano, in that area when two people took the baby at gunpoint.

Wilson told 24 Hour News 8 he was walking around the block for about an hour while on the phone, with his son clutched against his chest. That when he said at the edge of this alley, a man pulled up in car and hopped out with a gun. Wilson said the man took the couple firstborn son.

wouldn think in a million years you would just give birth to a baby and right then and there, the next Cheap NFL Jerseys month, someone just ups and takes your child from your child father, said the baby mother Taniasha Perkins.

But that exactly what happened to her and Wilson, less than a block away from their home. Wilson said he was pistol whipped and knocked unconscious, all while holding his son in his arms.

soon as I came to, as soon as I looked up, and turned and seen they turned the corner, that when I knew because my son wasn on my chest, he said.

Police focused their search in the neighborhood where the abduction occurred Thursday afternoon. Delano family and relatives did the same, passing out fliers hoping any witnesses will come forward.

going to take action and we going to find my son, said Perkins.

going on every block, whatever we have to do to make the public know that we need our son back, added Wilson.

Wilson said several cars drove past him as he was laying in the alley, but he and Perkins are confident somebody saw what happened.

would just mean a lot to me if somebody just come clean, said Perkins. I don want nobody else to go through what I going through because it not fair. released a description of the suspects and their vehicle.

They say the male suspect was white, late twenties, medium build with short brown hair. He was wearing a red shirt, blue jean shorts and black and red tennis shoes.

The other suspect was described as a Hispanic woman in late 20 with long brown hair. She was wearing a green shirt and matching green hoop earrings.

Police say they were driving a blue four door Ford Taurus, the model being 2000 2003.

If there is some good news for the family, it that witness are starting to speak up.

As 24 Hour News 8 was tagging along with family members who were handing out fliers, one man described for us what he saw yesterday afternoon and it appears to match Wilson description of the female suspect.

The witness told 24 Hour News 8 that he saw a Hispanic woman walking down the sidewalk with a stroller with a baby in it. He said the woman was wearing a green shirt and was walking quickly.

If anyone has seen the suspects or the vehicle in the area or around Indy, you can call IMPD at 1 888 Wholesale NFL Jerseys 58AMBER or just dial 911.

How Colors Make You Feel

What do you feel when you see an orange bag hanging replica michael kors handbags in a store, or when you are trying to choose which flavored ice cream you would like to eat? I am sure it's a feeling which you can't explain, but there is either an attraction or a repulsion which you experience for the particular colors. To give you a brief idea of what exactly are colors and how they affect us, let me first give you the definition of a color. A color is a visual perceptual property which is derived when the external spectrum of light, interacts inside the eye with the sensitivities of optical light receptors.

Depending on these sensitivities of the spectrum and the wavelengths of the light, the eyes visualize the specific colors and the minute shade differences. When our eyes recognize these colors, there is a certain effect each of them have on our psyche, and this gives rise to certain feelings. I am sure all of you know the colors of the rainbow in order. All these rainbow colors have some or the other effect on our moods. Colors and emotions are said to go together, thus, all these have their own effects and emotional changes on the human brain. This perception of colors which is accepted universally is known as, "color psychology" and it is used as therapy or an alternative medicine technique. Without any further delay, here's how colors make us feel and how they change our moods and emotions.

The color white often referred to as colorless, is actually the main color of light which creates the other colors when reflected in specific wavelengths. It fake michael kors handbags is associated to purity, virginity, cleanliness, safety, peace, innocence and light, and because it is the origin of all the other colors, it also stands for perfection. White is usually considered to be a positive color and when our eyes see it, we experience the feeling of peace. You must have heard the comparison of vanilla ice cream being absolutely flawless!

Orange has its own spectral wavelength as well, which produces the color when light reflects a transparent surface. However, it is also produced when red and yellow are combined, which is interpreted as a color of joy and enthusiasm. The feelings that are experienced when the orange color is observed are; happiness, stimulation, encouragement and freshness. Orange is said to increase the supply of oxygen to the brain, stimulating activity in it. Orange is an attractive color and thus a great hit among the youth.

Another color which doesn't have its own wavelength and is usually a mixture of 3 main colors such as red, yellow and orange is brown. Brown is the color of earth which is why it is associated to strength and determination. When your eyes see the color brown, there is a very low or ordinary feeling. Giving you more of a neutral feeling (neither happy nor sad), the color brown also gives replica michael kors handbags a feeling of security or protection. Brown is usually also the color of wood furniture, which can be combined with other colors. Thus, check how furniture colors affect your moods, by simply looking around wherever you are sitting!

When you look at the fresh green leaf with water droplets, don't you get a fresh or cool feeling. Green, reserves its place (wavelength) in the spectrum of light and is a main color. Known to be the color of nature, it stands for growth, fertility, harmony, healing power, hope, etc. But green is also related to the feeling of jealousy, which is the only negative feeling associated to this color. However, when you look at green foliage or any green background, you get a calm and soothing feeling.

The color of the endless ocean and the sky is blue. With an absolutely calm and relaxed feeling provided by the color blue, there are many emotions that are related to it. Blue is known as the color of wisdom, truth, confidence, trust and sincerity. It replica michael kors handbags is associated with masculinity and hence, is a favorite among the males. Blue has its own section in the spectrum and belongs to the cool colors with many shades of blue, such as teal, aquamarine, turquoise, etc., which have a soothing or tranquil effect on the eyes.

The last color in this list of colors is black, which is known as the mixture of all the colors mentioned above. The color of shadows and night, is the opposite of light. The physics behind this color is that, when a ray of light (white) reflects a transparent surface, it gives rise to various colors, but when the ray is absorbed in the surface, the result is darkness or black color. When cheap michael kors handbags you see the color black or darkness, there is a feeling of fear, sadness and grief. However, like gray, black is also a neutral color which when combined with bright shades, accentuates them.

With this information about how colors make you feel, I am sure you have experienced many feelings throughout this article. Well, this is what colors do and having them around us is truly a blessing.

How To Read A Golf Green

Today we are talking about putting and this is just another aspect on how we read greens and how we actually determine Purple Leather Big Kiss our intended line when making a putt. Most putts you will see on a putting green are all going to have some sort of break. Rarely will you have a putt that is actually straight to the hole. If you see this hole right here, we are actually going to see it breaks considerably from left to right. Again every putt is different but what we want to determine is how do we know how much that ball is going to actually turn from right to left, left to right. Again a lot of that is going to be experience but one way we can actually help ourselves in lining up our putter and this is what we call lining up the putter to the hole. What I want to teach you now is actually how we line the hole up to our putter. Again this is 2 different ways of looking at it. When you actually line your putter up, instead of actually determining your line by putting your putter on the ground, what I want you to do is actually look at the hole and you are going to actually bring a ball and imagine a ball going into the hole. We are going to bring it out of the cup, we are going to find the middle of the cup, we are going to bring the ball back out and we are going to imagine the line going all the way back to the putter. Once you get back to the putter, you are going to actually make your corrections Suede Fredo based on that particular line right there. Back here in lining up the hole to our putter or intended line as opposed to lining up the putter to our intended line. What that means is we've determined that the middle of the cup now is right in here somewhere and White Patent Leather Balindono we are going to imaging this line coming back out. Again you can't do this when you are actually playing but again you can imagine a line and that way when you are actually taking your putter and lining up your putter, you are going to actually line it up to the imaginary line that you've actually drawn. You are going to get it on that line. Again what you are going to find is 2 things; whether you read the green right or whether your execution to our putting stroke was right. Again if the putt is not on your intended line, you are going to know it was execution. If you actually hit it on your line and it doesn't go in, you know that you read the Black Leather Big Kiss green wrong.